What Are Vinyl Decals?

what are vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are stickers that stick to any, flat clean, smooth surface. They are suitable for a multitude of uses from home decoration to promotional shop window decals.

Vinyl Decals are cut using vinyl cutting machine also known as ‘plotters’ and can cut a range of materials from flocks to standard vinyl.

waterproof vinyl decalAre Vinyl Decals Waterproof?

To put it simple. Yes, making them suitable for an array of uses such as car decals, wall decals and many more!

As well as waterproof, vinyl decals are UV resistant and tend to have an outdoor life of 7 years. Indoor life can be over 14 years!

swift vinyl decalAre Vinyl Decals Removable?

Decals are permanent but they are also removable. Vinyl decals are intended for either short use to long use and stick onto a variety of surfaces from interior walls to camper vans to cars! 

Whilst vinyl decals are removable they are not reusable. Vinyl decals are easy to remove leaving no residue!

If you’re a business, this is a cost effective way of getting your message or brand across.

send nudes vinyl decalHow Much Is A Vinyl Decal?

Vinyl decal costs vary from supplier to supplier. Vinyl decals tend to priced based on size and how many colours are in the design.

Many vinyl decal companies like us have created their own bespoke quoting system to you can see the price of your decal upfront.

Check out our vinyl decal calculator here. 


Along with many things, vinyl decals have restrictions. You cannot have gradients in the design (solid colour) and restricted on fine detail (vinyl cutters don’t like intricate designs).


We have gone through some of the most common questions we get asked. We’ve answered questions from ‘How much for a vinyl decal’ to ‘Are vinyl decals removable?’.

If you got a question we have not covered drop us a email: info@brandbandits.co.uk

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